One solution. Numerous benefits for your business.

Improving your company’s results
Easy data interpretation
Quick access to key business data
Better company management, diagnosing, and solving problems

Improving the company’s results

One, easy-to-use data aggregation and processing tool saves time and money. Thanks to personalised solutions, time-consuming processes of obtaining data from various departments and programs are reduced to a minimum. Employees can focus on more important activities and you can focus on improving your results.

Revenue and margin growth
Cost savings
Efficiency gains
Make decisions faster

Prodinity’s solutions for analysing revenues and margins by a business’ key drivers, allow your organisation to focus on profit enhancing activities and to eliminate profit detractors:


  • Pareto Analysis (80/20 rule) – 20% of your products and services account for 80% of profit or 20% of your sales force produces 80% of your company’s revenues
  • Margin Optimisation – directing effort into higher margin activities or markets and reducing or eliminating low margin or loss making activities or markets

Easy data interpretation

Appropriate availability of information, correct interpretation and fast action is the key to successful decision making in any industry, sector or organisational function. Prodinity’s insight solutions helps to make data interpretation easier through:
Clearly transformed data from multiple sources
Without any further coding or data transformation
Stored in one place
Usable by all leading reporting and data visualisation tools for dashboards, financial reporting, etc.
To analyse data from different sources, the data needs to be consistent and comparable. Prodinity’s insight solutions transform required data and store your data in well catalogued and consolidated schemas with clearly defined naming conventions.

Quick access to key business data

Imagine a situation when you need an urgent report now, then to be told that it may take a week or more to prepare it? Many of our clients experienced this on a daily basis. Modern management systems require access to data here and now. Some decisions cannot wait. We know this, which is why we create solutions that allow access to processed data from multiple sources, updated one or more times a day.
Aggregatable (can be summed together)
Updated daily (or more frequently)
Data that can be analysed for key factors influencing the business organisation (customers, suppliers, products, cost centres, people, regions, time periods, etc.)
Prodinity’s insight solutions allow for fast aggregation of business information e.g. total revenues by year, product, company, client etc.
Analysis of business and operational performance at a consolidated level
Helps drill down to detail problem areas in the business
Allows comparing performance between key drivers of the business organisation (clients, suppliers, products, cost centres, people, regions, periods etc)
Identify factors that negatively impact sales, revenues and profit margins as well as operational efficiency and performance
Supports setting measurable targets and monitor improvement and performance against these targets
Helps to make better and sustainable strategic decisions about the business and its future
To help you see the big picture, our solutions are designed for fast aggregation to any level in the reporting hierarchies or structures of your organisation.