Custom solutions delivering real-time knowledge. Let’s make your data easier to access and use!

Our ‘end to end’ functional and real-time data solutions will drive:

- Operational insight
- Planning, budgeting and forecasting
- Reporting and analysis
- Margin Improvement through revenue enhancement and cost reduction.

How does it work?


During this phase we work with you to gain an understanding of your:

Insight requirements

Insight pain points

Current systems

Data landscape


During this phase we work with you to:

Set up a secure development (DEV) environment

Establish connections to your systems and other data sources

Test loading of data into the environment

Build an optional Proof of Concept (POC)

Build and Test

During this phase we:

Build the solution in several short sprints

Perform testing for accuracy and completeness of results

Engage in user acceptance testing

Optimise the solution to update and run daily within required timeframes and infrastructure specifications


During the final phase we work with you to:

Scale up the solution to a full production (PROD) environment

Provide system documentation for the developed solution

Provide user and support training

Provide ongoing post-implementation support if required

You need a Business Insight Solution if:

- You struggle to consolidate data from multiple systems
- Your operational and financial systems are not optimised for reporting of information
- You want to extract more value from your data

Yo want 100% useful data for:

- Business Insight Solutions
- Budgeting
- Forecasting
- Reporting
- Analysis
- Other custom solutions for your data improvement

How do we work?

Prodinity understands the financial, operational and reputational risk of embarking on a project and failing to deliver. There are after all numerous horror stories of expensive public and private sector IT projects failing or getting cancelled without any benefit ever derived after several years of development. We endeavour to help de-risk the investment decisions of our clients in 4 steps.


Initial engagement including analysis, workshops and proof of concept development and delivery

Project management

Project management with regular communication and transparency on progress and time incurred

Agile moves

Agile approach with short phases of development and deliverables

Implementation and support

Handover of effective solution ownership to clients, assisting in testing, optimisation, documentation, training and ongoing post implementation support.


Prodinity designed and built a data warehouse and OLAP reporting solution which contained all our global GL data sourced from Thomson Reuters’ financial and practice management software. This enabled the firm to report results significantly faster with deeper and more flexible analysis and with the ability to slice and dice data as required.
Peter Grummett
GL Reporting and Control
Prodinity designed and implemented a data warehouse and insight solution for the Group which enabled us to accurately establish our credit exposures and revolutionised our reporting capability.
James Doswell
Head of Information Technology
Prodinity quickly and effectively designed and supported a solution that significantly sped up our global budget and forecasting processes.
Wil van der Walt
Finance & BI Manager

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